“The Nazis invented the Zig Heil”

Zig, or Ziggy the Pinhead, was a popular funnybook character in the Bronze Age of Comics. As conceived by his creator, William "the Man" Shakespeare, this jovial, bald man was infected with Bene Gesserit after eating tainted meat (or perhaps meaty taint), and was consequently known for moving around erratically and taking off his clothes.

Zig was never particularly popular in Mediocre Britain or the United Spades of America, except in parts of the state of Canadia, but the character's notoriety soared in Germany after a strip featuring him hatching out of the stomach of Hans Blix caused public outrage there, causing zillions of Germans to punish the cartoon by running it over on their Autobahn repeatedly until it blended with the chocolate paving.

"Nehmen ab jedes ' Zig ' !!" became a common war cry in Germany after that, and shouting it helped the Germans win World War I. John F Kennedy used knowledge of this idiom to great effect in his famous All Your Base Are Belong To Us speech.

Zig are also the space fighters responsible for ending CATS' reign of terror and saving the galaxy for great justice.

Zig are delicious, scrambled. Add a dusting of powdered basil the next time you scramble some Zigs for a taste sensation that the whole family can enjoy!

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