Warning: extreme madness ahead.

Yop is a song from the musical Hey Mr. Taliban, please hand over Bin Laden.

The songEdit

Is performed as follows:

When I wake up in the mawnin and I'm still a sheep
I really dooo want sum toast.
I want no OJ Simpson, no urea and no Weetos
It be a yoghurt drink I'm wanting first!

Chorus (sung by Bin Laden and co. in Afghan cave)

WOOH!! Saddam! Uh! That's it, right there! mmm...
Give me Yop, mi madre
Smooth, Yop, mein mutter,
Gimme Yop, ma mère when the bomber cums.
Gimme Yop, Моя мати,
Yop, mijn moeder,
Yop for when de bombin' come.

Alternative LyricsEdit

When I wake up in the morning and I need a pee
I really don't want no toast.
I want no fleas, no bees and no cheesy peas
It be a great big pee I'm wanting first!

Chorus (sung by Bin Laden and co. in Afghan cave)

Take met' bog, me mamma,
Ooh, bog, me mamma,
Take met' bog, me mamma when de mornin' come.
Take met', me mamma,
Bog, me mamma,
Bog for when de mornin' come.

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