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Not funnny!

It has come to my hat-tension that cheese is overused as humor juice within this site, and it has lost what little comedy impact it had due to this over-usage, and vulgar eyescream sundaes.

In future, if you ever find yourself urged to write this hanous word/ear wax, just stop, relax, and think of something funnier and more random. Or alternatively, face the wrath of HelloolleH, which is not nice, as he enjoys ramming barbed verbs so far up rectums that the victim is coughing up vowels.

This message was brought to you by the small carrier pigeon cursed to transport meaningless garble around the interweb for the rest of time, oslo known as dead.


Moose and pants with unfunny cheese taste good.

I like chickens and flugnoflarbex.

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