Step #1 option 1, spread thy suffering by catching other people on fire

option 2, scream for ice-cream while dying a slow and horrible death

option 3. Do something, go on to step 2

Step #2 option #1 Pour gasoline around thyself

option #2 Ask for Mr. T to pity you then you die as chick norris roundhouse kicks you. (the person who added this was killed for mispelling chick norris's name... OH CRAP I MISPELLED IT TOO!*roundhouse*)

option #3 jump in the nearest water source WARNING: LOSS OF STUPIDITY MAY OCCUR

option #4 put on a tin foil hat

option #5 Suck the nearest bums dick... that helps every time

option #17 Wash your hands.

step 3: Insert colon.

Official Opinion (from officials) - Do not spray water on a chemical fire, electrical fire, or superman's cape.

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