Very Depressed Rainbows are made of eeble sonk, which is combined with bananas and then mushed together in a giant blender. They are identified by their frowning shape and self-medicating colour therapies. Battles with them are extremely rare, as Fluffy Sweden will suddenly be filled with all the fighter's acquaintances. This is where they will have cheese and lightbulbs from the Borg before being grated - I mean, greated.

Silly me. Or is there a difference? In any case, the Very Depressed Rainbow also has the ability to grate! (albeit that they have abysmal cooking skills, this is where rainbow salad comes from. such vegetables make most interesting furniture!).

Heh. Heh. Heee...h...hgh!

Oops; seems a very depressed rainbow got stuck in my throat. Serves me well, I guess - after all, I did frenooble the frobnicator.

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