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This user is

Dead or alive
We UnAnything will banish you to other wikis if you're not careful
~ [UnAnything Wiki]
2017 04 30 125253

The UnAnything Wiki looks like this

The UnAnything Wiki is an epic (untrue, evil, shoddy, retarded, inchoate, disobedient, terrible, horrible, cruel, and selfish) wiki that you could mix video shames/games and internet memes and etc., It is also Epicness Inc. and heaven (hell). It also has nice (angry, aggressive, and annoying) administrators that are better (demonic, selfish, immortal, and eviler) than you (They think that they wanted to make their UnAnything Wiki grow and wanted to fix and protect it, right? WRONG!!! They were killing their UnAnything Wiki and spamming other wikis with vandalism). But if you're not careful, you'll be banished (or crucified) to this place (and other wikis). Teletubbies (both evil and good ones) are popular on the UnAnything Wiki. Click here to go to the UnAnything Wiki. (Caution: The UnAnything Wiki is against individuals, including you and the UnAnything Wiki hates you the most)

Employees Edit

  • DaTenthGate (Administrator and your best nightmare)
  • TheRealDrillCat (Former Administrator​ and secret agent of the UnAnything Wiki and DaTenthGate's best friend and your worst nightmare)
  • Attackofthecatpeople69 (Administrator)
  • AwesomeGamer670 (Administrator)
  • Thebiguglyalien (Administrator)
  • PikachuDylan (Administrator)
  • Blazekin36 (Wannbe Administrator)
  • Raptor clawz (Wannabe Administrator)
  • RainbowDash28 (Wannabe Administrator)
  • Averon25 (Wannabe Administrator)
  • AttemptToSwallowKitten
  • Raptor clawz
  • Captain 0 (Boss/Mascot)

Likes Edit

  • Vandalism
  • Epic and wanted articles
  • Evil Teletubbies
  • Trolling
  • Spamming
  • Banning and Blocking Users
  • Forcing users to take a hike and go to other wikis by banishing or crucify them
  • Forcing you to obey their rules

Hates Edit

  • Vandalism in their articles (They're extremely protective at all of the articles in the UnAnything Wiki due to their evil thoughts and personality)
  • Captain 1
  • You (If breaking the rules or being too dumb)
  • Blocked Users
  • Banned Users

Enemies Edit

  • Captain 1
  • You
  • MirrorUnCyc Team
  • Wackypedia Team

Foundation Edit

The UnAnything Wiki is founded by Yoshikoopa whose got brainwashed by the evil counterparts of the Teletubbies, future administrators and future former administrators will get brainwashed by the evil Teletubbies

Admin Rules of this wiki Edit

The rules of the UnAnything Wiki is EVIL!!!!!!!

Here are the list of admin rules:

Page Protection (The real thing that Admins do that cause of their bad behavior and thoughts) Edit

Generally, pages should not be protected if they don't need to be. The whole point of the wiki is that anyone can edit it. Pages should only be protected in certain circumstances:

  • Edit Wars: If two or more users are constantly undoing each other's edits, protect the page until a reasonable solution can be found. If you are one of the warring users, do not use page protection to get your way.
  • Regularly Vandalized Pages: If a page is of a particularly interesting or controversial topic, the odds of it being vandalized increase. If certain pages seem to be vandalized often, they may need to be protected.

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