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Tamia's toys are called dildoes

~ Phyllis Hyman on sarcasm

A Toy is not one who loves. But one who is. If were all yoys. WE WOULDNT BE TOWS! As a galgle I'd like to ask. what is the difference between crying and frying.

Crying Edit

A toy cries when you puck the button like Toyzyoooo It is doll. It is cry. I am Cry You are DOLL!

Not all crying times are aimless. I am aimless. AIMLESSLY KILLING BUFFALO! That is my epitaph.

Every one loves pecans. Except for frank.

I PAY AT THE MARKET WITH FRANCS! Frankincense? Frankenstein? Frank. What is the full name to frank? Frankfurt?


Go ahead. Use an egg. IT works. I WORK! You can fry fries and french fries FOOT! But use the frialator! NOT THE TERMINATOR

Who kills you.