Thomas Keith Greening (or Trev to his mates) is a long haired lover from Liverpool, known best for his ability to do anything. Thats right, he can even speak Germanese. In 2001.6, Tom/Trev/Long haired lover from Liverpool was officially voted the most useful person ever by a commitee made up of a table, a chair, a talking monobrow, 3 ounces of love and Tom.

Uses of Tom Edit

You name it, Trev can do it, excluding nothing, because he hates doing that. His specialities include loving in Liverpool, having long hair, tearing down emotional/physical barriers between post-op trannies and their sexual organs, and roundhouse kicking MrMetalFLower for cracking a bad pun about his sexuality and or touching his genitals in a bid to sex him.

Not uses of TomEdit

there is only 1 not-use of Tom...nothing. And acting as a Paula Radcliffesque sex doll for the over 50s (as MrMetalFLower found out the hard way).

Tom Edit

Tom is oslo the most useless guy ever, having no uses except nothing and being a Mike Tysonesque cardboard cut out for usage in photograms with tourists (American: terrorists).

End Edit

this is the end of the article. Stop reading when told to do so...

About now

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