The World Hates thee Tamia!!!!!

~ The Pope on erm, the world

The Pope made this contreversial speech way back in !(*% (date represented by jumble of symbols). Aye those were the days when religion made you feel bad about yourself, the way it should do. If you masturbated once you'd be condemned to spend an eternity having Satan's fungi infected scrotums rubbed in you face.

Oh and the cardinals rejoiced; "through stale pear pigeons at the paupers to make them weep at there miserable lives!", oh how they laughed from their clouds and ate ice cream as they watched orphans being thrown into a lake of fire by Quentin Crisp and his many clones (all of whome had rabbis).

Blarglefudge! Majory Crentin Biggle! ASajhahITDFIOTSDFI78T)^FEKN!

Oh and how the russians danced like an abstract painting in a pan of lard cooking slowly over black semen fire! Those were the days when religion lowered your self esteem every sunday. SubChrilimstianinityialsamamessocsaghistiecreinliheogireon.

Farewell my homely parrots.

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