There are many differing opinions of what happened on that day, almost 2 clicks on the past, and a long way away. Some say the greatly out numbered Adam, and Master Po joined forces against overwhelming odds. Others say it was a freak accident involving a large crowd, two warriors (of their time), and infrequent yet passable surges of water.

Either way, some facts remain:

In between surges of crowd and water Master Po was using his Kung Fu powers to tease Adam.

It is believed Master Po mistook Adam for a cowboy.

Using his knowledge of The Large Crowd, Adam moved over the infrequent but passable stream. (No one knows if this was an act of kindness, a mistake or a cunning and calculated move).

Master Po has been caught in the throes of The Large Crowd ever since, and has not been very well regarded.

Adam, on the other hand, has been very well regarded indeed.

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