Tamia, Indiana wants you!!!!!

Capital-O h the Fuzz - non verbal verb

Capital-S nerf nerf Fuzz pit molesting - noun (japanese voice)

Capital-C hinese ruling dark lord car testing - subliminal lymerick

Capital-C akerophyliacs Non Bering my nonsensicalship - chastiship is for everyone even Helga

odsbodikins ^%& = Dern, dern; dern dern da dern dern dern (like awesome guitar solo) dawow L*iffler

               (           )
              (             )
              / / / / / / / / 
            / / / / / / / / 
             Sunny foreskin for tomorrow.

The fun of the grinning at hapless gadzooks who only measure pi or less pies. pie, 'scuse me this pie is a'callin'.

Mimblewimbelus-_+=kill the dead.

Na cnud'nieve ileb

^^^^^> party hats all around full stop.

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