The only known picture of King BeJeezus I.

Who is King BeJeezus I? He probably is one of the most important person in modern day talking.

Early LifeEdit

Francis Bobby BeJeezus was born in the Kingdom of Kingdomia to parents Joey and Marta. He grew up in the slums and was very poor through life. He never went to school and was very stupid. For some odd reason, they made him king. What the heck man? Who the heck crowned a retard! Never mind...

The Reign Over KingdomiaEdit

King BeJeezus reigned over Kingdomia from, say, AD 22 to.. uh.. AD 27. He was known by many names, "Drunken Bastard", "Te wurst kng evur!!!" and "Baddy McBad King". No one liked him. He was always drunk and he never had any children so there was no one else in line. One day the people of Kingdomia decided to overthrow King BeJeezus. They threw... uh... pipe bombs(?) into the castle. They killed all of King BeJeezus' guards and then they made him surrender to the citizens of Kingdomia.

Origin of BejesusEdit

Have you ever heard someone say, "You scared the bejesus outta me!" That was invented from King BeJeezus. Since King BeJeezus' kinging skills were crap "You scared the bejesus outta me!" means "You scared the crap outta me." Over time the spelling shifted from BeJeezus to Bejeezos to bejeeezis to lalalala to bejesus.

See alsoEdit

BeJeezus was not a King (as far as we know - he was way too common). His name was Basil De Jesus and he was a joker in a royal court, not sure which one? he loved to play jokes, and had a bad habit of sneeking up on people when they least expected it, yelling out DeJesus has got you. One day he scared the King - (this is to our knowledge the correct version) thus he was beheaded - you just cant go around scaring mighty rulers. He is still fondly remembered - his name lingers on and everyone today who scares the crap out of anyone else get remember by the name BeJezzus.