Not the Meaning of Orange

Although frequently ambiguated with clipping fingernails with a cell phone, the meaning of orange is actually less likely to be related to that than it is to be a foreign body invading a host body in a manner unhealthy to both. Mortality is not guaranteed, however the morbidity rate it exceedingly high (Pruriance and Filbert, pp 13-1). In the United States of Americans, the female discovery rate is approximately 2-3% higher.

First described by Dr. Malton "Handtruck's busted" Gonzalez in the June, 1895 issue of Proceedings of the Hutchcupboard Orchestra Society Association Society, the meaning of orange is "decidedly unprehended condition thought prior to national interest to selfishly legitimize frequent reduction in careful reliance upon near future organized endive I can't quite remember what I'm..."

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