Imagine this sitting at you computer just minding your own bizniz when out of nowhere a fly just happens to come buzzing into the room. Well for a while your just like "hey its a fly" and continue on with what your doing while ignoring it.

But unfortunatelyEdit

The fly does not wish to continue what it is doing but instead wishes to come buzz in your ear. The occasional swatting of the fly does not bother most people. It is simply done possibly once every 5 minutes and can be done with the light movement of the hand through the air with a slight twisting of the wrist in the fly's general direction. This is normally enough to tell most common flies "hey I don't want you here would you please leave."

Most flies are polite and are happy to ablige to your request only since they are dumb they forget 5 minutes later and come back to bug you in which case you must again remind them to leave.

For those who did not know the complex reasons to why this happens I'm glad to have cleared it up for you.


But today there was a fly who did not wish to be friendly and did not leave when asked to so this called for all-out war. It started out at first with fists flying all over the place knocking over papers, lamps, little brothers, the works but to no avail. Just when things were looking bleak and the fly had all but won, it made a tactical blunder... it decided to land.

Well taking immediate advantage of the situation I quickly launched a book in its general direction and lets just say it is no longer in a 3 dimentional shape. As i would with any worth adversary I gave it the prober burial wrapped in a single white tissue (2 ply of course) and placed gently into its circular coffin. This historic event shall be documented for all generations to see and enjoy.

Peace out y'all.

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