Here are the subjects in the GCSE Curriculum set in place for the entirety of England and bits of Cornwall. Youngsters at GCSE are given the choice of what subjects they will pursue, picking from a wide variety that scopes from eh? to zeee. Though it took the board of Governers ten years (and one salmon) to determine all the necessary options the youth of that day would need to pick from, the curriculum only truly serves in an advisory capacity. Yeah that's right. If the subject you choose doesn't exist then you automaticly become the founder of it, are given a PHD and retire two weeks later to your summountable pile of monies. This simple test weeds out the elite from the rest of society who gloss over that part and instead choose to struggle (fail) with one of the many established subjects, fools.

Changing with the times Edit

In a recent effort to bring the curriculum up to speed the comitee that determines subject content saw fit to drop formerly essential subjects as alchamy, game huntology and maths, instead replacing them with subjects more relevant to todays society, H4XXXoR1Ng for example. The obvious flaw in what would have otherwise been a pitch-perfect plan was the fact that the main body of stuff taught in each subject is decided sloey by a man in his late eighties who refuses neither to die nor relinquish control of the governing body (Maccy D's.)

Ye Olde The Hip-Hop-Happenin' GCSE CurriculuminatorEdit


If the examinor looks like this when marking your paper it should be fairly obvious that you shall not pass.

  • eh?
  • Unemployment & Scroungology
  • Manual Labour
  • ArtYour guess is as good as mine
  • Doss Studies
  • (Lack of)Education
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Pseudo-Science
  • Peido-Science
  • General Knowledge
  • Scientology
  • Pot Luck
  • Joker Round
  • History Vague Stabs at What Might Happen
  • GeographySo China's the big red one right?
  • Business/EconomicsOh shite the economy looks bad, better pick another subject
  • Penglish Literature
  • Penglish: Shakeseppy
  • Journalism/Enlgsh Gramarticel StudizzMeh, It's mostly just an over hyped media ploy that seems to have fecked everyone over anyway, so yeah..
  • Creative WritingThe Illogic Pickle
  • Raw H4XXXoR1Ng
  • Classical H4XXXoR1Ng (Windows 3.2 and before)
  • Popular Culture
  • Drama Drama
  • Mo-Town Hits guess-that-song round -ology
  • Stalling for time studies
  • zeee


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