The Real Jolly Roger is not the fake Jolly roger, boo to you damn pirates.

The great rumor is that Stephen Colbert was angry, you see he only got 5 pounds of freedom in his coffee instead of 500. So angry in fact[citration needed] that he created a curse.

That curse was the fake jolly roger, TRJR was so angered that he sent a horde of ferrets to scrape their meals onto the fake jolly roger. It was a success and TRJR lived on.

Now some will say that Chuck Norris collided with Jack Bauer now this is a lie because such a great thing of awesome would unravel the universe.

But as we all know, everything Stephen Colbert makes is not always perfect, but usually is. Thus the fake jolly roger lives on, because he is one of the many perfect things he made.

Stab alsoEdit

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