Phoebe! I am very mad at you for breaking that! That was VERY nice of you! You are a good boy! You will go to your room to spend a nice, long nanosecond. Then, you can go out with your friends shoplifting as long as you want. Since I really don't want you to do that, you deserve a million dollars. Now, you will have to do chores all year. On the 2cd day you can stop. Let me play Pac-Man.


Weeooo weeooo weeooo weeeooo weooo ploink ploink

Hooray! I won!!!!!!! OH NO!

Phoebe, I won Pac-man. That is horrible. Let me check my health: Oh my God, I am healthy! Phoebe, you nine year old, go get your driver's license and car and take me to the emergency room.

The emergencey room rocks! It is also very fun to go to the hospital. You have bad health and your life is at risk! How bad is that! I know, its cool!

(Doctor) Oh no youre drunk

(Mom) Yes!!!! I have to get my stomach pumped! Ya! That is so bad and i bet it doesn't hurt!

Hear some more crap from this mom later.

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