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Meet me on the Smoon

Tragic, tragic Moronaaa-aah!

“Trouble with a capital T!!!!!”

WIKIPEDIAPAR - Tamia. She is a real R&B/Soul singer just not a real good one. The real deal is Alicia Keys and Phyllis Hyman (Q.V.). But stop by there just to see how evil Tamia really is.
Tamia's page is the only Wikipedia page that really sucks! ~ Jimbo Wales

The evil singer.

Quote ~ Were you looking for Dick ? - 'cause I sure am!!! - by Tamia Hill.

Evil evil lol lol. See mirror uncyc for more details of her evil god flyingspaghettiosmonster. She heads the Smoonie Church, the world's worst cult.


No Tamia didn't win this, but she'll know how to love it!!!!!

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