You're fighting a sandalbear!

A bear wearing sandals. With a penchant for vandalism. You better be careful. This may be your first battle. Let me explain how this works. First, you may want to avoid taking damage. Do to this, use an ATTRACTION article, such as "Yummy." Then, perform an ATTACK article, such as "Gravity Grave." Finally, "A SINISTER RITUAL" is a special article, and should only be used during puzzles, as it takes 8 turns to prepare. Now, you are given a certain amount of TIME a battle. Use it all up and you lose instantly. So, you may just want to ATTACK the sandalbear straight up.

The sandalbear sandals you in the eye. Oof! Agh! Owwies! You take %20 DAMAGE.

You attack the sandalbear, but someone steps in..

HP: %80 | MP: %100 | TIME: 4
Continue... Use An Article
Carrying a Knife and 3/7 articles.

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