yo mama so damn skinny, she is smaller then a Higgs Boson! In the midst of combat, you find yourself next to a recruit of the Illogicopedian army, Duncan Dunkel - the amazing stallion of a veteran. He finds you, and gestures for you to come towards him. He leads you to a slightly secluded cave, down a slant in the nearby mountains just north of your current position. However, you find that he, upon your reaching the darkness, smacks you down with his rifle. "Name yourself, vandal knave!" he says. Briefly explaining yourself to him in an angry flurry, he suddenly realizes his mistake. "Ah, a new Illogicopedian. You aren't fit for combat. Allow me to escort us out of here. The cave leads outside of the battlefield, but we'll have to cross through the Grandelle Tacoe, a Wikipedianese territory, and then I'll drop you off at Fort Illogicopedia just northeast of there. It won't be simple, but it's gotta be done." you begin to angrily speak towards him, asking why you should trust him. He simply responds, "I'm all you've got." He gives you a Time Watch. "Wearing this gives you an extra point of TIME each turn outside of battle."

You take %20 DAMAGE.

You gain Time Watch (intrisic; no longer counts as an item.)

You gain 1 TIME.

You find yourself outside of the cave. Duncan is nearby, and an ED freedom fighter briefly patrols the area from second to second. Duncan explains that "It would be suicide to attack him. I won't help if you choose to. We should sneak past."

HP: %85 | MP: %100 | TIME: 4
Attack the ED Freedom Fighter! Sneak Past
Carrying a Pointy Sword and 1/7 articles. Duncan: HP (100), MP (50).

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