Whoops - were you looking for a meat sword? ~ Tamia

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Sword, or simply go here.

A sharp and pointy thing, sword is the abbreviation of the forbidden S-word (a word that once waved a flag in a crowd at S). To find the forbidden sword go the ominous forbidden valley where the sky manager will use pathetic fallacy in an attempt to creep you out whilst you walk by the volcanoes. Swordology is the mysterious study of Swords overtaken at the delusive Ministry of Illogic.

What to do if the sword sees you Edit

You could run for your life, but seeing as Sword is a pacifistic and slow person it would be more adviseable to walk for your life whilst makeing a stoat kebab.

Not to be confused with Fword and The Glass. Though if you are relatively literate you wouldn't get the two mixed up. Unless you happen to have quite a lisp.

Smell alsoEdit

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