With Terrorism at what i assume is an all-time high, Surveillance is being used increasingly in order to keep us safe. Cough.

You are being watched!! Panic!!!Edit

Cameras can now be found covering 97% of wall space throughout the modern world, and Governments have admitted to bugging peoples intestines during surgey. All of this is being done to help find and stop terrorists and Michael Jackson, but figures show that the number of terrorist attacks has actually risen by -270% in the last year, and Jackson is still a paedo. This raises the question, what are the cameras, bugs and flutes actually being used for??

The next section of the articleEdit

Spying on naked old people in the showers!!

I speaks the truth!!

Other uses of cameras, bugs and slyly hidden Government officialsEdit

Now-a-days all the world's surveillance devices are been used in the Big Brother House, to watch boring people sleep. Of course that would explain the increased terrorism and grandmas walking around with unecessarily large nuclear warheads.

They possibly do actually help stop bad people such as terrorists being bad. Credit where credit is due. But they still suck!!

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