The origin of statisticians Edit

Statisticians are a relatively recent addition to Utterly pointless jobs. This job first arose in the early 20th century when people realise that there were such thing as very big numbers and the fact that numbers could tell stories. This is now know to be untrue after the rediscovery of the alphabet in 1923.

The first great statistician the great Jimmy McBobbington was the first to discover that the number 42 was not to do with life, the universe and everything but was the number of polar bears per thousand to die of cod liver oil poisoning.

The reliabily of statistics Edit

Since those early days statistics has greatly improved because the fact most people now believe 750 per thousand studies are proven to be correct; as proven by a study in 1978, statisticians were said to have quoted:

We are 75% sure this study is totally reliable.

This evidence after much scrutiny, other statisticians discovered that the reliability was relying on the truth of the study itself and actually the study was proven to be -1175858% true. Thus crazynegativitiypenetageongly was discovered.

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