Geenwp Wikipedians have no article on Soup-pour cheese. This is one of the reasons Wackypedia is so much better!

“Eat me on the moon!”

(Sweet and Sour sauce all over your sisters wet vagina) Soup pour cheese is an internationally misinformed infamous famine that likes to be dealer in poker games. Usually after getting steadily annoyed due top the lack of aliens in Lesser Britain it will pour soup over the walls attracting flies and wasps in summertime and a Grue/Pokemon fusion-maximus in winter time.

The best course of action to removing Soup-pour cheese from your dwelling before he can corrode your walls over a long period of time by pouring hot sweet soup over them. Edit

Mind-boggly slaughter any scousers in your presence. If you ask Himherit harshly and swiftly bring your footwear into contact with sou-pourses' gluteus maximus: expelling him in an upwards/forwards direction through your door and/or window/widow and also fragile cat flap before the effects of gravity bring himheritgrue? in contact with a Mexican fighting tree and locking your keyhole with extreme prejudice, (big intake of breath), you may cause him to leave or you may cause him to leave.

Ferment the following: Edit

  • Hickipedia. Actually don't look at (I don't want to offend your eyes with Hickipedia's craptitude. Luckily I only wrote a descriptive of Hickipedia, the actual website is rubbish and now devastated).
  • Uber cheese
  • Cheese

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