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Since Some user decided to make his own talk page, some other user decided to comment on his userpage. So there, Some user!

!erac I fi eeS!

Binoculars Edit


The hattrick Edit

Soooooooo........ do you see anyone approaching yet?

An old man with a Chinese Farming hat is about 40 feet away.
>check inv.

The Chinese Farming hat is fake. It is my ally. At last! Don't be afraid. He will do you no harm.
>check the inv. yourself, you lazy some other user!

Please CHECK IT! Edit

My inv. is cursed by the Abbreviation virus. Ally guy gives us a vaccine!

Inv. has evolved into Inventory


There are 5 items under the fake Chinese Farming hat.

  1. an Ally
  2. a Velociraptor
  3. a ladder
  4. A bottle with a sticky yellowish green fluid (Key Lime?)
  5. a chit


Curse! The ally person is an intelligent illogical designer. He lets this user know everything will be alright. Do not worry. His message is true.

Do you want to continue?

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