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Snot is a substance renowned throughout the world for its unique consistency. A combination of rare Swedish chocolate and pine trees, the snot molecule has for centuries eluded the descriptions of man. Many mad philosophers have attempted the reconstruction of the snot consistency, Einstein was the only one who managed to reduce it to its constitutional components.

Constitutional ComponentsEdit

Snot has many constitutional components.

  • Snot has many constitutional components
  • There are many constitutional components of snot

The constitutional components of snot are as follows:

  • They were discovered by Einstein
  • Snot has constitutional components

The Constitutional Components of SnotEdit

  • The Unique feature of snot is its exotic consistency.

Snot is a combination of Swedish chocolate and pine treesEdit

This is an unarguable fact.

Mad PhilosophersEdit

Many of them tried to reconstruct the snot consistency.

Constitutional ComponentsEdit

It is conjectured that snot has constitutional components.

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