You don't need to read this bit, it's all a load of inconsequential nothings. BTW, we now legally have possession of all your base. We R in y0r Base, k1llin y0r d00ds! Terms and conditioner don't apply. Apply terms and restriction to highlighted area to reduce the swelling. Height restrictions are in place, if necessary "wang-size" will be taken into acount. This is a local site for local people. Send us your m0nies & we will send you ur pr0ns. Fellatio is mandatory to achieve the desired goal. This product and /or produce is fully endorsed by the Governing beer belly of Duncan and toilet nationwide. See the back of your face to discover my toenail clippings. Batter not included. Willy. Lol, I just said willy. :P Battery-farming included. We owns your grandma now! Expiry date - 1969 Woah, you got a date with expiry? Put it there man! This product will automatically self destruct in the presence of old people. Warning reading this small print may result in third nipple growth, or death. Meh, whaddayou care? Loser. Void where not prohibited. Prohibited in all sorts of places. Anyone caught possessing, using or thinking sexually about this article will be forcibly enrolled into the Dutch army.

*not really

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