Only slightly!!!!!

I mean, you'd be considered insane if you were running around, yelling 'LOL'. But there's that little shred of sanity left, y'know? That thingy in your head that tells you, 'hey, don't leave that homework like that, you're not going to have time enough before classes to finish!'. And it tells you, 'I'm not so sure running up on stage and tipping over all the candles is such a great idea...I mean, maybe if you weren't wearing this really shiny shirt'.

So it's not so much like a shred, more like...a puzzle piece that fits in your insane puzzle, even though it's perfectly logical. And because it's logical, it isn't. Does that make sense? Well, it should. But it's doesn't. So too bad.

If you were insane, you'd probably be institutionalized. Except you're not, you see - because of that one puzzle piece. It's that one puzzle piece that makes no sense, but makes everything make sense; otherwise, you'd be in the asylum.

Which doesn't make sense.

But you know what doesn't make sense? If that logical puzzle piece wasn't a puzzle piece at all. Maybe that puzzle piece was really a toy. A toy that you've had for almost all your life. And that toy was the one you love most.

And what really doesn't make sense is if you love that toy/puzzle piece of logic so much that you wished it was real. And maybe it really was real. Maybe that's why you loved that little piece of sanity that you cling onto. Because it was real.

And what really doesn't make sense is that maybe that toy loved you back.

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