For some reason it's a battle-themed article. *shrugs*

  Shinobi is on the roof of the train facing a hot beverage holding maniacal slab of flint.  

Shinobi: HP=100

Flint thingy: HP=97.789455445A33244<>

First move Edit

  • Shinobi back flips forwards towards the direction which is away from the back of the slab of flint's frontal back.

Flint Slab + Hernia

  • Flint slab uncondenses into mud and consumes hot beverage for energy.

Flint slab = 10 HP + Volume 10% - armour 5%

And again... Edit

  • Shinobi swears:

Shinobi - 10% chance of going out with that fit girl who dislikes swearing, the one he's had his eye on for a while.

  • Train hits low tunnel
  • Both parties explode:

Shinobi: HP=0 Chance of impressing little kids with appearence: =150

Mud thingy: HP=0 People stained with innards= 55 + Train and tunnel

Movie enjoyed by Grue's only, ridiculously over priced great value. Rated I for illogic. May induce euthenasia... Federal agents may steal your seat and/or wife.

Other previews Edit

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