SOME DWARVES HAD BEEN RUMORED TO HAVE A TAIL, "SHAYUSHOMOMAZORUS" FOR EXAMPLE, Is a rare dwarf breed that is living umong unsespecting humans, claiming to have no tail and demanding equal rights!! Even your Friend may be a SHAYUSHOMOMAZORUS!!! Sure, he may claim that hes just short but dont let them fool you!!! The SHAYUSHOMOMAZORUS have developped manipulating skills in order to conceal their identity, BUT it still is not too late!! So far none of them had managed to get rid of their worst enemy and best friend- their tail!! So next time theres a short guy in the locker rooms keep a close eye! Some really desperate ones had been told to stuff their tale up .... thus achieving two goals at once- Both concealing their true identity and Having an Enma.



The most famous shayushomomazorus must be SpriteSoda, born to a simple family, he recieved good grades, but little did the people around him know, that he was EEEvil i tell you, EEEEvil!!! SpriteSoda was angry at the world that had no place for the Height-Challanged, such as himself, he also had another dark secret he kept hidden like all his breed, he had an extra twelve inch in his pants, twelve inch of Pale Orange TAIL!!!!. and so he surrounded himself with suspecious creatures, most famous amongst them are: Simchonius- god of silence and death (a creature which was believed to be able to make a man loose his mind simply by blankly looking at him and staying in silence). Yehielus- a blind owl, who was able to memorize almost boundless amounts of useless information. And made his enemies suicide by flooding them with it. Yoavinonbius- Oh the horror, that dear reader, was truly a creature of horrid nature, the ability to make itself look stupid and by so embarrasing all who surrounded him, and having the will to do it over, and over, and over AHHH, i cant go on anymore, the horror... Alerminator- An inhuman machine, though having a smaller capacity than Yehielus, he used his capacity for useful information but later he became an anime otaku and due to that used up all his free time for watching animes, there was nothing wrong with it , Exept: SARAH CONOR WAS STILL ON THE LOOSE!!!

And so, this unordinary team of mortals gathered with one goal in common- To find The Grat Dashkoahin of oz and have him grant one of his wishes:

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