Seymour (born sometime Friday, May 9, 1975) is someone at Manatee Creek, Odawaiaho, who likes to be suspended and relevant with Noah's dad.

When a man named Seymour has the unfortune to be last named Asses, He is thoroughly ripped on throughout 2nd Grade, then dunked in a vat of coffee during graduation. He then proceeds to be a Themed Stripper/Gigolo who wears a strap because he is a late eunuch. He gets asked what his real name is, and when says it really is Seymour Asses, he gets fonked on.

The British variation is Seymour Arses, not to be confused with N.R. Sole or Seymour Butts. It is however, to be confused with Hugh Jass.

It's also a common misconception that if you have this name, you actually get to see more asses. This is an urban legend: Rob Da Bank never actually robbed the bank, nor did Hugh Sock invent the sock.

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