“In the Christian Science Church, Christ is a scientists”

Tamia, in the Church of Tamia, you must be a chipmunk, or at least a chipnun

"Hmmm. I seem to have forgotten to remove the eyepiece from my microscope."

Damn those scientists, they stole my pickinick baskett!

~ Mad Scientist Petunia

Scientists live in laboratories and get paid for creating mutants, strange creatures and Dolly the Sheep. Mostly they are mad and will steal your sandal given half the chance: man, the world of science sure is a creepy place.

Scientists have also been credited with major discoveries in the field of er, football. I mean science. Albert Einstein is not one of them, for he could not take free kicks. Neither could Isaac Newton, who was nowhere near as good as Ivanasti Chestikov.

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