Saviors is a racing game designed by tellytubbies in which the player must complete increasingly easy levels before sodomizing the boss - Barry Scott. To play Saviors use the following instructions:

The following instructions - I keep my promises eh or what? Edit

  1. Buy the game
  2. (Everyone must do this next stepexcept for T. Ostrich who doesn't need to prove his invincibility). Chop off your head and play frisbee with it in your garden. WARNING - do NOT throw it over your spiteful neighbours garden, the one who you wedgied and drank the blood of for a year. This will result in the permanent loss of your head, which though thoroughly downsidead has a silver lining: someone can make puns about you running around like a headless chicken!
  3. You by now, should be climaxing in the Ji-Had orientated game of Savior.
  4. This line of instructions isn't strictly necessary.

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