“It seems I have to always respond to Tamia in a sarcastic way”
~ Phyllis Hyman on sarcasm

Did you know what? Did you know what sarcasm is? It is what it is. Sarcasm.



Not to be confused with Sir Casm. Sarcasm is a highly dangerous element. It is mostly made up of Irony. In fact it is 99% irony and 1% sarcasm. Then how can it be sarcasm?

It just is.


Nutritional InformationEdit

Protein: 123987g
Gold: 2g
LOL: 5kg
Irony: 999,999,999 kg to the power of 5!

...which ironically (haha I made a pun) equals


Um... wait, you don't even eat this stuff.


And it nullifies the effects of eating Irony. Yes, indeed.


What it containsEdit

Irony, Irony, Iron Man, Irons, Erons, He-man, Nixonvongarthnix and a bottle of spinach. Not to be confused with Spin Ache.

And also Irony. Oh, did I say that?

How ironic (haha, I made a pun again).

Gee, I wonder where that came from.


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