Whoops - were you looking for Adele? ~ Tamia

Adele must have been born on a Santaday

Santaday is celebrated on the 25th December every four years. Every other year, December is only 23 days long but years ending in 5 or 0 have an extra day, known as Santaday.

On this day, people known as Santa are ceremonially grilled with cheese whilst running on hot coals and eebling sonks. Other dudes just laugh.

Sensible Days
of Sanity:
  Monday | Bunday | Funday | Friday | Tuesday | Saturday | Santaday | Sunday  
of Insanity:
  Eebleday | Bleebleday | Squeebleday | Eeblesonkday | Fatterday | Phnoodleday
Sjinkday | Frinkday | Sonkday  

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