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Ribbles will not be defined herein. Coy of us, huh? Yeah, but we can tell you what's near ribbles in the ontological concept web thingy.

  • Vittles - Old-fashioned food. Indigestible since it is actually not made of atoms.
  • Ribbons - Little thinnies, used in ticker tape charades.
  • Rubble - Rock that is ground with some mortars and pistols (very military) eventually turns into little grains and things. Spread this on a destruction site, and it is rubble.
  • Rabble - Throngs/wads/herds of peasants, lowlives, so-and-sos who (that?) don't deserve the constitutional protections that we aristocrats earned with our very sweat and other fluids.
  • Critters - Unrebuttably dead creatures that continue to move only by animatronics. Hey, what are you looking at?

There you go. Mull it over and decide for yourself what the %#@& ribbles are. If you figure it out, get back to us -- we don't know either.

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