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A r-r-r-remix is an alter-alternative alter-alternative version of a song song version of a song, diff-diff-different from the original version riginal version version vers-vers-version. A remix-mix-mixer uses aud-aud-audio mixing audio mixing to compose-pose-pose an alternate master alternate master recording of a song of a of a song, adding or subtracting adding adding adding or subtracting elements elements el ele elements, or simply change changing the equaliz-equaliz-equalization, dynamics ics ics ics, p-p-p-p-p-p-pitch, t-e-m-p-o that's right, playing time time time playing time time time, or almost any any other other aspect of the various suoirav mus-musical components. Yeah! You thought were done with this. But this is the remix!

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  but Phyllogicopedia knows how to love random stuff. 

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