Is definitely a word. Check the scrabble dictionary!

What to do when the worst is coming ... worst Quigebo impersonator that is Edit

If you are stuck in a strange smelling lactate at a foreign cuisine dedicated to the first ever cheerio, then you are probably a bit odd. In case you are, for some reason, sane, then you are infact being descended upon by a Quigebo or a Quigebo impersonator; either way, they will both sell you life insurance in a sinister manner. To tell them apart I would ghettofalise the smell coming from within the car radio. If you are still alive after that, sniff the nearest passenger.

Be careful to watch out for Barney the man in the purple pimp suit, as will resurrect his television career after becoming a washed up child molester. Shoot him a smile and hoop the loop. Hoopa hoopa ...

(Electric cello solo)

Lock the car doors and run through the manic turkey twizzler that seperates you from your limbs, after sliding through with a second or so to spare grope for your hat and find out your groping limb has been severed temporarily. Don't worry your arm will grow a body in 5 - 10 weeks and be up and 'arming people within not time.

Terms and conditions apply. Waffle included. You have the right to remain dead or mangled. Do not eat yellow snow or look directly into saturn because this could lead to loss of refund. 1 nano second guarantee. If you are reading this then well, err, ...

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