Fried daniel

He's polish.


He's polished.


Polish people are some freakin' fugly people from Poland. They like sex. That's kinky!

Most of polish people (like the guy on the pic you can see on your left, you muthafucka!) are looking bad. Really bad.

If you see polish man on the street, run away. Fast!

WARNING: Anyone being the author of the text above has to contact his or her family doctor, for the sake of being targeted to the apropriate specialist. PS. What's the joke in making fun of any particular nation in the world, especially by just telling clichee statemens about them?


Polish gals always have a pair of nice, fine tits. If they don't, read leaflet content carefully or contact your doctor or pharmacist.


Język polski tylko na pierwszy rzut oka wygląda na trudny, chociaż w rzeczywistości jest jeszcze trudniejszy. Spójrzmy na dziwaczne i ostro zjebane różnice między polskim i angielskim:

  • Pathetic = Żałosny
  • Patetyczny = Pathos

Pojebane, nie?

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