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Planets actually doesn't exist.

They are just an mathematical abstraction with no direct physical meaning or value. As such, they are used to perform very good approximations when calculating with worlds and higher spheres, while sparing a great deal of time. This mages them very useful in astronomical predictions of global power-cosmic weather, as well as within some fields of non-euclidean magnetohydrodynamics.

Planet operatorEdit

In differential calculus planet operator, or planetian (denoted \mathbf{P}_0) named after planetologist sir Edward H. Planet (1890 - 2701) is differential operator used when performing planet calculations. It genrates pseudovector quantities in higher dimensions, and this property is key point to prove that planets arent existing outside points of singularity.

Planetian \mathbf{P}_0 is defined as:

\mathbf{P}_0= \frac {1}{c_n} \frac {\partial^n}{\partial p^n_0} - \sum_{i=1}^n \frac {\partial^n}{\partial p^n_i}


  • n is the order of planet operation
  • p_0 is primary planet coordinate of the central (zeroth) world
  • p_1,...,p_n are higher planet coordinates
  • c_n is momentum invariance of the nth order of planet operation

For planetary existence to be accomplished, following equation must hold:

\mathbf{P}_0(\mathbf{F}) = \frac {1}{p_n} \mathbf{F}^T

However, no real skew-symmetric tensor field \mathbf{F} satisfies this equation which proves that there are no planets. Thare are only approximations of the planets. Fortunately this approximations are good enough to keep the hydrostatic equilibrium intact.


Following are some quite uncommon examples of the planet:

[1]Earth is no more planet than Banana - this is direct consequence of neither being a true planet, but only an approximation. This may also make juicy lemon a (pseudo)planet, but juicy orange would be better to be so much big.
[2]World is both planet and planet(s) are in world. This unusual property shows the true fractal nature of the planets.

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