“Didn't they have a dynasty in England?”

“Yes, of course, and their last monarch was Queen Tamia the Third


PlaghneratPlaghneratPlaghnerat PlaghneratPlaghneratPlaghneratPlaghnerat PlaghneratPlaghneratPlaghneratPlaghnerat PlaghneratPlaghneratPlaghneratPlaghnerat.


Plaghnerat is a word from Stratford, but not Upon Avon, dummy.

In order to recieve change please insert chocolate rabbit. Mmmm. Rabbit. Rabbit. Rabbit. Rabbit. A bit.

Mannbar shwein hundt i lov you mother

I kick chocs

I lick chocs

Biscuit not cookie holiday not vacation.

Ever noticed how, wen you hit your head with a cricket bat, stuffmakes lecsscence??

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