Geenwp Wikipedians have no article on Phyllogicopedia. This is one of the reasons Wackypedia is so much better!

The site's current name. Named as a portmanteau for Phyllis Hyman and the lllogicopedia. There are differences, PH replaces André Breton. Phnoodle(tout) replaces Fnurdle(toot) as well. She has the blessing of the Most Holy Ancient of Noodles (FSM) for running this site.

Memory Phy Edit

If Phyllogicopedia cannot be used for some reason, perhaps Memory Phy (like in Memory Alpha/Beta) can be used. Short for In memory of Phyllis Hyman. It does resemble Memory Alpha/Beta a little bit. Phi is a letter of the Greek alphabet.


The new head of Phyllogicopedia

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