Perseas is the janitor of middle earth who found himself one day with two attractive dog heads attached to him and chained to a pole in the underworld. This could be because the previous night he had lost a bet with an enraged Quigebo and couldn't afford the toilet seats that he had to repay. After killing the Quigebo he ate some cheese. Eeble sonk.

The cheese was however not cheese at all it was the unreleased album from Baudeux 95 that had been recorded by Hades or his pet lake. After discarding the tangerine the Perseas found out that due to spelling errrors he was:

George Bush Trying to read that first paragraph Edit

Pancreas ist thine Jam-eater in puddle birth how fumbled hisherself thrice in may with poo interactive hog beds latched on to him and chafed by a pole in the underwear. This couldn't bee bee-sauce the sneak-preview knight she had lost a wet witch In enslaved Squigy Po und wouldn't implode the boil-pot meats cat he monge-to dismay. Car-fur licking the Squigy poo berate mum's weezes'feeble song.

Free Onslow Edit

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