For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Penis, or simply go here.

“You know how to make love with me”

Penis? Hah! More like penisn't!

Oh. I stand corrected. Yay! Let's go drown in a vat of marmalade!

Barbel blade? Verily.

More like varily big small!

Sometimes mistaken for someone talking about his pen, as in "my pen is red, do you know where it is for i have lost it?" commonly resulting in a person checking your pants before laughing. Some skip the first part and die of laughter, commonly known as a disease: Laughterrortosis.

I'm stroking mine right now. ~ guy

'cause you know it may feel really good inside something we got there instead, and might like having it inside ours there, too. ~ lady

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