Hey viewers, guess what time it is?


PASSING A KIDNEY STONE!! YES, PASSING A KIDNEY STONE!! Theoneandonlygameshowwhereifyoucanpissit, YOOOOU CAN WIN IT!!

(Host jumps on stage)

Host: "Hey guys! and welcome toooo Passing a Kidney Stone! I'm your host, Kidney Stone!! (host laughs) I'm only joking. BUT THAT'S NOT MY NAME EITHER!!! MY NAME'S CHUCK!!!!!"

(audience laughs)

Chuck: "AND NOW IT'S TIME TO MEET OUR CONTESTANTS!! Hello contestant number one. What is your name?"

Contestant #1: "Chuck."

Chuck: "THAT'S MY NAME TOO!!!"

(audience laughs)

Chuck: "Why don't I just call you wiener. Are you okay with that, wiener?"

Wiener: "Well..."

Chuck: "HE SAYS YES!!"

(audience laughs)

Chuck: "All-righty then! Moooving on to contestant number two. How you doing today contestant number two?"

Contestant #2:

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