You might think this is about a slice of apple pie. Of course, anyone would think that. But would you rather ride that bike? Or is it too generic?

Well, if it is, then you must take some fetta cheese and cube it. To cube fetta cheese, of course, you would need an iPod. However, it must have a combination of classical music, instrumentals with minimal human voices, and Fall Out Peas.

Let's get it started... Edit

The theory of Archimeemees states that you need at least one bottle of Harvest Moon. Such may be obtained at the nearest Japantown bakery, where they make it by the wozen.


Indeed, even apples could eat Fianos. Fianos are much tastier than pianos. Therefore, a pen, pencil, and various sheets of paper are required.

WEEwooWEEwoo Edit


100 2354edit2

Pai? Pai. PAI! Wait, what? Of course there aren't dance mats in the mooncakes.

Spam is required Edit

Ginger spam salad.

Don't you dare tell me there is no such thing, when you were clearly cheating on your math test!

Don't you deny that! I saw you! You were eating your folder!

By the way, have you seen my drum set? You know, the one the crab shoved a fish through? No? Darn.

Well... Edit

I never said le floof was le fwoof! What about Kelly Clarkson, eh? Hold on a tic, I have to answer the phone. Okay, never mind. Hey, a plastic sphere!

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