Padiddle. A game which was once popular and forgotten, is now making a very big comeback. Many people believe this game is just a cheap way to get someone naked, however, this is very very untrue.

History of PadiddleEdit

The padiddle was discovered in the mid 13th century by a young stable boy by the name of Harry Potter. This young lad was minding his own business when the local whore Aunt Jemima dropped in to ask if he would take her into town on his new Ford Buggie SC. He quickly agreed because he had not gotten any action in a good month. As they were driving long, Aunt Jemima suddenly hit the front of the buggie and yelled, "Padiddle!". Harry, not knowing what was going on just looked at her like she was Dr. Emmet Brown. She then explained the rules of padiddle (see below). He then understood and went on to play the game. After this incident they later married but divorced years later because Aunt Jemima accused Harry of being a wizard.

After this incident, Harry went on to spread the ways of Padiddle. The game was viewed in the first Olympic Games and many other popular events. Everyone played it whenever they traveled and it was quickly added to the "Time Magazine's Top Ten Games to Play While Bored on a Buggie" list.

However, around mid 1934 B.C., a man by the name of Megatron was highly against Padiddle. He created an organization known as the Super Toddlers Reacting Against Injustice and Great Happy Things Ending During Graded Exams. Or S.T.R.A.I.G.H.T.E.D.G.E. for short. (see also Straightedge) This organization was devoted to the destruction of popular trends. They exist even today, except with smaller numbers.

During the summer of 1934 B.C., Megatron and S.T.R.A.I.G.H.T.E.D.G.E. attacked the castle of Omlet du Fromage. In doing so they killed Spartacus, the current Keeper of the Padiddle. They then hid the Articles of Padiddle and the legendary game was forgotten.

Then in the year 2003, a small group of teenagers in the West End of the World, discovered an old manuscript in a thrift store. These teens were often referred to as the "Two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve". There individual names were Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. This manuscript was the long lost Articles of Padiddle. They then began to play the game between themselves; however one of them, Edmund, spread the game to his friends, and it has ever since been spreading like wildfire among teens.

The Rules of PadiddleEdit

The rules are very simple and easy to learn and teach. This game requires no outside materials and can be played in any vehicle.

  1. All people playing must play to their full extent, no taking off this amount then quitting
  2. In order to call a "Padiddle", you must see an older car that is NOT parked or leaving a parking lot.
  3. After seeing the car, you must hit the roof of the car and call out, "Padiddle!" then everyone else must remove one article of clothing.
  4. Or, as most people play recently, a padiddle may be called for burned-out headlights, semi-trucks, police cars, fire trucks, wheels of the back of cars, snow plows, spinners, flashing street signs, hobos, or just whatever Matt can think up at that very moment. As a final rule, Maggie must also give Matt a masage at the end of the game, regardless of her score, during the two's "back seat break". The two may also chose to "study".
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