A pianist plays a violin. He's not very good. A horrid chord that bursts eardrums on the slightest touch. The scene is the yellowness of a not very deep space. The dark green stars scattered around like a disastrously broken pencil.

Then, like the eclipse of the 95.2 suns, the horror filled world of Barbados chugged over. Four solitary, thousand foot palm trees hold an extraordinary place, the most loathed place in the five known universes. PC World.

Selling the latest in technology at prices beyond the reach of the best Altarial high jumpers, PC World was hated. Not disliked, not found vaguely annoying. Hated.

PC World was created for just one point. To raise intergalactic tax rates. Being the magical and expensive place it is, PC World had to be a place where common sense could survive...

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