I hate emosTamia is evil. The Internet is a series of tubes. Strong Bad. The moon is made of cheese. 11th September. Jesus. Bin Laden. Wikipedia is inaccurate. Cliff Richard is made of leather. LUBE TUBES. AhahahaahaahAHAHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAhaHAhAHAhahahHAhAhAhAhhahhahaHAhAHhaHAHhAHahhAaaAAaaaaaaaaaaAaAAAAAAAAAAAaAAaah. Seagulzzz.

What is originality?Edit

Originality is the tenth state of the US. It is also a foodstuff popular amongst Rhodesian tribes, though it can be fatal if eaten in large doses. Thousands of deaths are accorded to originality overdose a year. Do you want to be the next one? I THOUGHT NOT. YOU HAVE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION. THANKYOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE.

I thought sosososossoosososoosososooo...

Smeago is free!

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