O Microsofts! You might of been lookin' around for some-a dat Ω, the character, in the hit TV series "Gods and Letters"

OMEGA (Oversized Mega Energy Generating Autodestructor) is very powerful weapon that can cause end of the world when at point 147.3Mk! Caution is not advised. It is best used in Star Trek 2.37 times. OMG!!!

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Ancient Greek Letters of Insanity:
Α | Β | Γ | Δ | Ε | Ϝ | Ϛ | Ζ | | Η | Θ | Ι | Ϳ | Κ | Λ | Μ | Ν | Ξ | Ο | Π | Ϻ | Ϙ | Ρ | Σ | Τ | Υ | Φ | Χ | Ψ | Ω | Ͳ | Ϸ

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